T lymphocytes : from basic biology to immunotherapy
Research project
WP2 Mechanisms of immune suppression by regulatory T cells

The goal of WP2 is to dissect the molecular mechanisms of immune suppression by regulatory T cells (Tregs) in mouse models and to begin to translate this knowledge into the human context.

This workpackage builds upon work of the consortium partners in identifying three major molecular mediators – TGFβ, CD27 and adenosine – and will identify the molecular mediators by which these immunosuppressive molecules function. The workpackage will also investigate the recently identified "subsets" of regulatory T cells, to determine whether they are stable lineages or alternative activation states and whether the differential activity is caused by the unique expression of suppressive molecules or by unique migration capacity.

Finally, the workpackage will start to translate these murine advances into humans, by analysis of suppressive mechanisms in human Tregs, and profiling of Tregs in individuals that have broken tolerance towards self.